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Highly sought after author, speaker and trusted advisor to service & support leaders around the world, Phil literally wrote the book on how to earn respect and then demand respect on behalf of your customers.



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Klever showcased as one of the leading high-growth, high-impact technology companies in North Carolina

And I’ve got 120 seconds to convince the audience that Klever is going to change the world.

John Ragsdale looks at the Klever Knowledge Community plus resources

Unsolicited post from long-time KM guru and industry analyst, John Ragsdale…

If you only knew what you already know…

For readers of my newsletter, I sent a personal note about why  I helped create Klever (



As of mid 2013, I’ve been full time as the CEO and co-founder of Klever (knowledge lever). Come join us at:


More than ever, you face decisions about support and services strategy that take you into uncharted territory.

How should you structure global support? How do you motivate a globally distributed support team? Can you migrate customers from free to fee-based support? Is self-service really an option? What about new technologies? Do you have a lot of metrics but very little confidence in your understanding or your team’s understanding of what to do with it? How do you earn respect then demand respect on behalf of the customer?

These are tough issues because your best in-house people simply don’t have the right information to show all your possible options.

That’s why it’s probably time to have a chat with The Verghis Group. Phil is a highly respected management consultant who has helped dozens of support and services executives devise winning strategies. He’s been a top-level support executive himself, he’s written the definitive book on customer-centric management, and he has hands-on experience with implementing new metrics, new systems, new business models, and new market development initiatives.

But most importantly, Phil brings a fresh perspective to problems that seem to have no easy solution. One client calls this knack “Phil’s magic.” Another says, “You helped us see possibilities that we never knew existed.” And another calls him “my most trusted advisor.”

If you’re venturing into uncharted territory and want a better idea of your options, give Phil a call at +1 (919) 636-9411 (or send him an e-mail at Phil [at] Talk about the problem you’d like to solve, and see if he can help. Then, if you like what you hear, consider bringing Phil in to your offices for a one- or two-day brainstorming session, or perhaps for a larger project or an ongoing advisory relationship.

With Phil as your advisor, you’ll be surprised at how many new possibilities open up for you and for your company.


We have formed a new company and taken the best ideas we have ever had and put it to work at

Most issues in organizations have already been solved before. As many as 60 - 90%. Dont re-invent the wheel. Tap into our ever-expanding library of resources, worksheets, templates and webinars. Exchange ideas, work through challenges, collaborate and share successes with fellow Klever members.

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