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Taking care of customers no longer involves only taking care of customer’s issues as they come in. It involves earning respect internally then demanding respect on behalf of the customer.  It doesn’t take miracles to get there. It takes a willingness to shed conventional wisdom and the management discipline to follow through while not getting distracted by new shiny objects.

The vast majority of our clients start with an assessment or training, and then move into a retainer model, once they realize we have a broad set of skills that we can help them with.

Are you ready to evolve? Contact us when you need a fresh look at problems or an independent advisor that has worked with clients of all sizes all over the planet. Check out what our clients have to say about us and doing with us. Remember, we have a money-back guarantee.

Strategy Assessment

  • Most often requested when you have a major change in corporate strategy, or major changes are coming your way — for example a move to a SaaS model, or a requirement to support a completely different set of customers.

Support Assessment

  • Often requested in when you can’t do ‘more with less’ — any more and you will get significantly less employee morale, with consequences for your customer satisfaction and engagement scores. Another common engagement request is when your overall business is expanding rapidly and you cannot grow your service team or infrastructure at the same rate without jeopardizing your business objectives.

Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) Adoption Services

  • One of the single biggest productivity improvements is to make better use of all the intellectual capital in your organization. KCS is the best-in-class methodology that is curated by the non-profit Consortium for Service Innovationto capture and reuse content. Many of our clients use KCS as a foundation in order to create award-winning programs – from self-service sites to ‘no more tiers’ support models to extending it to Legal, Facilities, HR/Talent Development and more.We offer a comprehensive set of services around planning, training, coaching, first-time implementation, KCS Quick Start, re-launch or extending knowledge management throughout your global organization. We have augmented KCS with a significant executive communications plan and cross-functional metrics based from the customer’s point of view.

Technology Assessment

  • Most commonly used when you are under intense pressure to ‘rip and replace’ your technology infrastructure because it is causing morale problems or becoming a source of significant internal embarrassment and customer ecosystem pain.

Social Media/Community Assessment

  • Most often requested when you have Marketing and Support at loggerheads with different agendas with regards to social media, or senior management that thinks a ‘community’ is a forum for disgruntled customers and partners to gripe about you in public.

Metrics Assessment

  • Most often requested when you need to see how you are doing. You’ve nailed all your Key Performance Indicators and yet have a sinking feeling that is not enough. People are making sure the  numbers are met, often at the expense of the intent of the KPIs. This is a common symptom when you are measuring (and compensating people on) the wrong things.

Assessment Philosophy

While no two assessments are the same, they do follow a broad framework.

  1. We will seek to understand before we seek to solve.
  2. We will listen to you, top management, your customers, your staff, others in your company and your ecosystem.
  3. We will always deliver what you want, but will point out where it is different than what you need, based on our understanding and expertise.
  4. We will provide you with a prioritized list of recommendations that you can either implement yourself, bring someone else in, or pull us in to implement.

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